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High Resolution Images for Commercial Use

Where to Get High Resolution Images for Commercial Use

You can easily get your desired image from the Internet, but the question is, “Are they safe to use on your article?". The answer is no.The images o...
Best Android Camera Apps

5 Best Android Camera Apps for Mobile Photography 2017

Best Android Camera Apps 2017 Edition: Are you searching for the best camera app for Android? Then you’ll get thousands of Android camera app on Googl...
Turn Computer into Photo Booth

How to Turn your Computer into Photo Booth

Everybody loves to capture their lovely moments as photo or video. These captured frames help them to laugh any happy in future time. Usually, we use ...
How to Use Whatsapp on Google Chrome

How to Use Whatsapp on Google Chrome

When we talk about messaging applications, then Whatsapp comes up to the first line. It is one of the most popular free messaging platform has finally...
Send Self Destructing Email

How to Send Self Destructing Email or Message

In earlier time, people used to send personal messages and official messages by letter. That was taking too much time to reach beyond the destination ...
Undo Facebook Status Update

How to Undo Facebook Post Update

People love to update their status on social networking sites frequently, whether it is an achievement, wish or any life event. Updating status on soc...