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5 Reasons to Not Buy Xiaomi MI 3

5 Reasons to Not Buy Xiaomi MI 3

MI 3, a super specified phone by XIAOMI has launched few days before in India through India’s most popular site Flipkart. You can say it is a predator of phones in price tag 13,999....
ICICI Mobile Banking App for Windows Phones

ICICI Mobile Banking App for Windows Phones

ICICI bank is the second-largest bank of our country. Before six years ago, it was launched its first mobile banking application as India’s first mobile banking application. Its mobile banking application is ready for...

Ballloon, Save Files Directly to Cloud Storage

Cloud is the best place to store our files securely with amazing speed. There are many cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Skydrive, which provides free services to users with limited...
Huawei Power-Fi E8221

Huawei Power-Fi E8221 Data Card Review

Data card manufacturers are making different kinds of data cards with WI-FI option. Huawei also launched 3 types of Wi-Fi data cards as Laptop-Fi, Power-Fi and Mobile-Fi. In these three series, I ordered a Power-Fi...
Which Data Card is Best

Which Data Card is Best 7.2, 14.4 or 21 Mbps

Until today, I am using a 3.6 Mbps data card of Micromax. Now data cards are so cheaper, and many varieties are available in the market. I thought this was the time for migration...

Best on Facebook that Waste your Time

Is there any introduction needed for Facebook? Of course not, because nowadays most interactions among people are going through Facebook. The popularity of gadgets is increasing day by day; that's why many people have...
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