How to Record Instagram Story with Music in 2024


  • Use the music sticker feature in Instagram to add music from various sources to your Story
  • Customize your Story with the perfect music snippet by selecting the right song and adjusting the length
  • Incorporate music from streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music by selecting the song, adding it to your Story, and customizing the music sticker
  • When faced with limited music choices, explore SoundCloud, royalty-free music libraries, or music distribution platforms to find the right music for your Story

Looking to add music to your Instagram Stories in 2024? Here’s how to easily record Instagram Stories with music.

Methods for Adding Music From Various Sources

To add music from various sources to your Instagram Story in 2024, you can use the music sticker feature within the Instagram app. Simply tap on the sticker icon, select the music option, and search for the song you want to add. You can also import music from Spotify or Apple Music by playing the song on your device and recording the Instagram Story with the music playing in the background.

Another method is to download the song from a music streaming platform like SoundCloud and add it to your Instagram Story as background music. Make sure to check the copyright restrictions before using any music in your content to avoid any issues with royalties or copyright infringement.

If you want to add a specific song that is not available on Instagram, you can use a third-party app like DistroKid or TuneCore to upload your own music to the platform. This way, you can customize your Instagram Story with the perfect soundtrack that fits your vibe.

Experiment with different methods to find the best way to add music from various sources to your Instagram Story and enhance your content with catchy tunes that engage your audience.

Enhancing Stories With Music Stickers

  • Choose the perfect song that complements the mood or theme of your Instagram Story
  • Tap on the Music Stickers icon while recording your Story
  • Search for a song by title, artist, or genre to add music to your Story
  • Adjust the length of the song clip by dragging the slider to customize the music in your Story
  • Preview the Story with the music sticker before posting to ensure it enhances the overall experience

Customizing Your Story with the Perfect Music Snippet

To customize your Instagram Story with the perfect music snippet in 2024, choose a song from a music streaming platform like Spotify or Apple Music, select the perfect snippet, and make sure you have the rights to use the music. Consider using royalty-free music if needed. Experiment with different songs to create engaging content for your audience.

Incorporating Music From Streaming Apps

To incorporate music from streaming apps into your Instagram Story in 2024, follow these steps:

First, select the song you want to use from a music streaming app like Spotify or Apple Music.

Next, open the Instagram app on your mobile device and navigate to the Story feature.

Then, select the music sticker option and search for the song you want to add to your Story.

Once you’ve found the song, adjust the duration and placement of the music sticker on your Story.

After that, customize the font, color, and style of the music sticker to match your branding or aesthetic.

Finally, preview your Story with the music added to ensure it fits well with your content before sharing it with your followers.

Navigating Limited Music Choices

When faced with limited music choices for your Instagram Story in 2024, it’s important to find creative workarounds to achieve the desired outcome. One option is to use SoundCloud to search for independent artists who allow their music to be used for social media content. Another alternative is to look for royalty-free music libraries online that offer a wide range of tracks to choose from.

If you have a specific song in mind that you want to use, consider reaching out to the artist or their record label directly to request permission. Some artists may be open to granting permission for social media use, especially if it helps to promote their music.

Additionally, you can explore music distribution platforms like TuneCore or DistroKid to find music that you can legally use in your Instagram Story. These platforms offer a variety of tracks that you can license for your content.

Pro Tips for Maximizing Music in Your Stories

Pro Tip Description
Choose the right music Make sure the music you choose fits the mood and tone of your story. Consider using royalty-free music to avoid copyright issues.
Use music to enhance emotions Music can help convey emotions and enhance the overall impact of your story. Use it strategically to create a powerful effect.
Adjust volume levels Make sure the music volume is balanced with any dialogue or sound effects in your story. You don’t want the music to overpower the other elements.
Experiment with different genres Don’t be afraid to try out different genres of music in your stories. You might be surprised at how well a certain genre complements your content.
Sync music with visuals Try to sync the music with the visuals in your story for a more cohesive and engaging experience. This can help create a seamless and immersive storytelling experience.


How do you record a story with music?

To record a story with music, open Instagram Stories or Reels, take a photo or video, then swipe up to access the stickers. Click on the “Music” sticker to add music to your story.

How do you add music to Instagram story without losing audio?

To add music to an Instagram story without losing audio, you can adjust the volume for the video clip and music track separately using the soundwave icon at the top of the screen. This allows you to keep both sounds in your story.

Can you have music and video sound on Instagram story?

Yes, you can have music and video sound in Instagram Stories. However, it is recommended to use shorter clips of music to avoid limitations such as muting or blocking of the video.