KDBot Discord Commands


  • Use “!preview-welcome-message” to see the welcome message on Discord and make any necessary changes.
  • Check the status of KDBot using “!botstatus” and read user reviews with “!botreviews”.
  • Explore other Discord bots like MEE6, Dyno, Carl-bot, Groovy, Dank Memer, Tatsumaki, YAGPDB, GAwesomeBot, Nadeko, and Octave for additional features.
  • Utilize saved searches and filters with KDBot Discord commands to quickly find specific information.

Welcome to the world of KDBot Discord commands.

Previewing the Welcome Message

To preview the welcome message on Discord using KDBot:

1. Login to Discord and go to your server.
2. Open KDBot using the prefix and command.
3. Use “!preview-welcome-message” to see the message in the server’s text channel.
4. Make any changes to the message as needed based on the preview.

Checking Bot Status and Reviews

To check the status of the KDBot and read reviews, you can use the following commands in Discord. First, Login to your Discord account. Then, use the command “! botstatus” to check the current status of KDBot. If you want to read reviews about the bot, type “!

botreviews” and you will get a list of user reviews.

Exploring Similar and Additional Bot Options

  • MEE6: leveling, moderation, and music playing features
  • Dyno: moderation, custom commands, and automated announcements
  • Carl-bot: powerful automod capabilities, content filtering and server protection
  • Groovy: music bot for playing songs from YouTube, Spotify, etc.
  • Dank Memer: meme generation, currency systems, and mini-games
  • Tatsumaki: leveling, moderation, and social interaction options
  • YAGPDB: customizable bot for creating commands and automations
  • GAwesomeBot: moderation, music playing, and custom command creation
  • Nadeko: moderation focus, with fun commands and utilities
  • Octave: music bot with support for multiple platforms and high-quality audio playback

Quick Filtering with Saved Searches

KDBot Discord commands allow users to perform searches, save them, and apply filters to quickly find specific information without having to repeat the search process. It’s a convenient and efficient tool for accessing desired results.


What does KDBot do?

KDBot is a multifunctional bot that offers various features including TTS (text-to-speech) and translation capabilities. It is constantly being improved with additional features planned for the future. To access help, simply type “help .”.

How to do commands for bots on Discord?

To do commands for bots on Discord, you can utilize Slash Commands. By typing /, you can access and use various commands provided by your preferred bot. This feature allows you to conveniently view all available commands and ensures accurate execution through validation and error handling.

What is the Discord bot that says what you type?

The Discord bot that says what you type is the TTS bot. It automatically speaks your text messages into a voice channel without needing a prefix. It has a simple setup with just one command and supports multiple TTS languages. The bot also filters long messages and offers a /skip command to avoid spam.

What is the smile command for Discord bot?

The smile command for a Discord bot is /smile to receive a smiling face. You can also mention Smile Bot in a message to get a smile. The bot can also provide a sad face, its server count, and a help command.