Access Telegram Debug Options Enable Debugging


  • Enable debugging in Telegram by toggling the switch in the settings menu
  • Use browser-specific activation techniques for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge
  • Activate Developer Options in Telegram under the “Advanced” section of the settings menu
  • Explore hidden options in Telegram for troubleshooting and customization purposes

In this article, I will discuss how to access Telegram debug options to enable debugging.

Enabling and Disabling Techniques

To enable debugging in Telegram, go to the settings menu and toggle the switch for debugging mode. To disable debugging, follow the same steps and toggle the switch off.

Browser-Specific Activation

Web browser icons (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

  • Chrome: Open Developer Tools (F12), go to Application tab, check Bypass for network in Service Workers
  • Firefox: Open Web Console (Ctrl+Shift+K), type localStorage.debug = ‘telegram’
  • Safari: Open Web Inspector (Option+Command+C), delete Local Storage for Telegram URL
  • Edge: Open Developer Tools (F12), go to Console tab, enter localStorage.debug = ‘telegram’

Activating Developer Options

To activate Developer Options in Telegram, navigate to the “Settings” menu within the app. Scroll down to find the “Advanced” section. Tap on “Developer Options” to access the debug settings. Toggle the switch to enable debugging mode. This will allow you to access additional features and tools for troubleshooting and customization. Keep in mind that enabling Developer Options may void your warranty and could potentially cause issues with the app.

Use caution when making changes in this mode. Explore the various options available to enhance your Telegram experience.

Exploring Hidden Options

Hidden Options Description
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