GmodAdminSuite Configuration & ULX Setup


  • Download and install GmodAdminSuite and ULX from their official websites
  • Configure GmodAdminSuite settings to fit your server’s needs
  • Set up superadmin in ULX by adding the SteamID of the user in the configuration file
  • Restart your server to apply the changes and test the functionality of the plugins

In this article, we will explore the configuration of GmodAdminSuite and the setup of ULX.

Installation Process

To install GmodAdminSuite and set up ULX, first, ensure you have Steam installed on your computer. Then, download the necessary files from the Wiki and extract them to your server’s addons folder. Next, open the configuration file and adjust the settings to your preferences. Make sure to also install any required dynamic-link libraries.

Finally, restart your server to apply the changes and test the functionality of the plugin. For further assistance, consult the README or reach out to the community on Discord.

Configuration Steps

  • Download GmodAdminSuite and ULX
    • Go to the official GmodAdminSuite website and download the latest version of the addon.
    • Repeat the same process for ULX, making sure to download the compatible version for your server.
  • Install GmodAdminSuite and ULX
    • Extract the downloaded files and place them in your server’s addons folder.
    • Restart your server to ensure the addons are properly installed.
  • Configure GmodAdminSuite settings
    • Access the GmodAdminSuite configuration file and customize the settings to fit your server’s needs.
    • Save the changes and restart your server to apply the new settings.

Superadmin Setup in ULX

Superadmin Setup in ULX
Step 1: Login to your server’s control panel or SSH into your server.
Step 2: Navigate to the addons folder within your Garry’s Mod server directory.
Step 3: Locate the ULX addon folder and open the configuration file.
Step 4: Locate the “superadmin” section within the configuration file.
Step 5: Add the SteamID of the user you want to designate as a superadmin under the “superadmin” section.
Step 6: Save the configuration file and restart your Garry’s Mod server for the changes to take effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get admin in Gmod?

To become an admin in Garry’s Mod, you can create a Steam Workshop Collection and install the ULX Admin addon. This will give you the ability to grant admin privileges on your server, allowing you to use all Garry’s Mod commands.

How to use open permissions in Gmod?

To use open permissions in Gmod, you can open the OpenPermissions menu by typing !openpermissions in chat or entering openpermissions in your game’s console. Access to the menu is restricted to those with permission.

How to give admin in Gmod Ulx?

To give admin in Gmod Ulx, you can do so by going to the management panel and entering the command “ulx adduser “Your Username” superadmin” in the console. This will grant you superadmin privileges on your server.

How do I install GMA files in GMOD?

To install GMA files in GMOD, you need to go to -/steamapps/common/GarrysMod/bin, copy “gmad.exe” (or just “gmad”), paste it in -steamapps/common/GarrysMod/GarrysMod/addons, then drag and drop the GMA file on top of it. This will create a folder with the same name as the GMA file, containing its contents.