PS4 Controller Battery Replacement Options


  • Assess your storage needs and research reputable brands like Nyko for a replacement battery
  • Consider replacing the battery with a compatible rechargeable lithium-ion battery like Nyko battery packs
  • Set a budget and look for sales or discounts on SSD upgrades for your PS4 controller
  • Follow proper guidelines for replacing the battery and optimize system performance with the 70/30 rule

Looking for options to replace the battery in your PS4 controller?

Assessing Your Storage Needs

PS4 controller and various storage options

Assess your storage needs for your PS4 controller by considering how often you use it and how long the battery lasts. Determine if you need a replacement or rechargeable battery pack. Research reputable brands like Nyko, consider a lithium-ion battery, and check online forums for reviews and recommendations. Follow safety precautions when handling batteries.

Understanding Drive Performance and Capacity

PS4 controller internals.

Replace the PS4 controller battery with a compatible rechargeable lithium-ion battery like Nyko battery packs. Follow proper instructions for installation to avoid issues. Using a non-approved battery can be hazardous. Consider the mAh rating for battery capacity and performance. Consult with the manufacturer or a professional technician for guidance on selecting and installing a replacement battery.

Budgeting for an SSD Upgrade

  • Research the cost of an SSD upgrade for your PS4 controller
  • Set a budget for the upgrade
  • Look for sales or discounts on SSDs
  • Consider buying a used or refurbished SSD to save money
  • Compare prices from different retailers to find the best deal
  • Factor in any additional costs, such as installation or shipping fees
  • Adjust your budget as needed to accommodate any unexpected expenses

Optimizing System Performance with the 70/30 Rule

  • Use high-quality replacement batteries
  • Follow proper guidelines for replacing the battery
  • Charge the battery up to 70% for optimal performance
  • Ensure the controller battery level stays above 30% at all times
  • Regularly calibrate the battery to maintain efficiency


Can a PS4 controller battery be replaced?

Yes, a PS4 controller battery can be replaced by simply lifting it out of the slot, unplugging it, and inserting a replacement battery.

How long does the PS4 controller battery last?

The PS4 controller battery typically lasts for four to eight hours of play per charge.

Why is my PlayStation 4 controller battery not charging?

Your PlayStation 4 controller battery may not be charging due to issues such as power cycling, console settings, dirty charging port, faulty cable, or controller reset.