Tumblr Short Link Switcher


  • Install the Tumblr Short Link Switcher browser extension for easy URL shortening
  • Use URL shorteners like Bitly to make posts more concise and visually appealing
  • Monitor link performance and track clicks with analytics provided by services like Bitly
  • Set up Yourls and Bit.ly with the Tumblr Short Link Switcher for optimized URL sharing on Tumblr and other platforms

Introducing a new tool for quickly switching between Tumblr short links.

Utilizing URL Shorteners

To use the Tumblr Short Link Switcher:

First, install the browser extension on your preferred web browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. This extension allows you to easily shorten URLs directly from your browser for quick sharing on Tumblr or other social media platforms.

Once the extension is installed, simply click on the icon in your browser’s toolbar when you are on a webpage you want to share. This will generate a shortened URL using a service like Bitly, making it easier to include in your Tumblr posts.

Utilizing URL shorteners like this can help make your posts more concise and visually appealing, especially when sharing links on platforms like Twitter or Hootsuite. It can also help track the performance of your shared links through analytics provided by services like Bitly.

In addition to sharing links on Tumblr, you can also use the Tumblr Short Link Switcher to generate QR codes for easy sharing in physical spaces or on printed materials. This can be a helpful tool for promoting your blog or website offline.

Overall, the Tumblr Short Link Switcher is a convenient tool for simplifying the process of sharing URLs on Tumblr and other social media platforms. Whether you are a blogger looking to promote your content or a business looking to drive traffic to your website, this extension can streamline your sharing process and provide valuable insights into the performance of your links.

By utilizing this tool, you can make the most of your online presence and reach a wider audience with your content. So install the Tumblr Short Link Switcher today and start optimizing your URL sharing strategy on Tumblr and beyond.

Extension and Kurzlink Tools

Tool Description Link
Short Link Switcher Chrome Extension This Chrome extension allows users to easily switch between the original and short link version of a Tumblr post. Download
Kurzlink Kurzlink is a website that generates short links for Tumblr posts, making it easier to share them on social media or via email. Visit

Monitoring Clicks and Performance

  • Track clicks on each short link
  • Monitor performance of different short links
  • Use analytics to measure engagement
  • Identify which short links are driving the most traffic
  • Adjust short links based on performance data

Setting Up and Using Yourls and Bit.ly

To set up and use Yourls and Bit.ly with the Tumblr Short Link Switcher, follow these steps:

1. **Setting Up Yourls:**
– Install Yourls on your server following the installation instructions on the Yourls website.
– Once Yourls is set up, obtain the API key from the Yourls dashboard.
– Configure the Yourls settings in the Tumblr Short Link Switcher plugin by entering the Yourls installation URL and API key.

2. **Setting Up Bit.ly:**
– Create a Bit.ly account and obtain the API key from the Bit.ly dashboard.
– Configure the Bit.ly settings in the Tumblr Short Link Switcher plugin by entering the Bit.ly API key.

3. **Using Yourls and Bit.ly:**
– When creating a new post in Tumblr, use the Tumblr Short Link Switcher plugin to generate short links using Yourls or Bit.ly.
– Customize the short link settings such as the domain and structure according to your preferences.
– Share the short links on social media platforms like Twitter or use them in your Tumblr posts for reblogging.

4. **Benefits of Using URL Shortening:**
– URL shortening helps to save space in your posts and makes links more visually appealing.
– Short links are easier to share on platforms like Twitter, where character limits are a factor.
– Tracking statistics and analytics for short links is easier with services like Yourls and Bit.ly.

5. **Additional Tips:**
– Consider using browser extensions for Yourls and Bit.ly to streamline the process of generating short links.
– Use QR codes for your short links to make them easily scannable for users.
– Integrate Yourls and Bit.ly with social media management tools like Hootsuite for a more efficient workflow.

By setting up and using Yourls and Bit.ly with the Tumblr Short Link Switcher, you can enhance the usability and effectiveness of your Tumblr posts by utilizing shortened URLs. Enjoy the benefits of tracking statistics, saving space, and improving the overall user experience on your blog.