Top 14 Best Free Video Repair Tool for Windows/Mac Online


  • Corrupted videos can result from various causes such as incomplete downloads, power failures, malware, hardware issues, and more.
  • Some free video repair tools for Windows or Mac include VLC Media Player, Digital Video Repair, FFmpeg, and Stellar Phoenix Video Repair.
  • One-click online solutions for video restoration are convenient and can handle multiple formats and types of corruption.
  • Advanced video repair tools offer features like advanced algorithms, support for various formats, batch repair capabilities, and preview options for enhanced video repair.

Are you looking for the best free video repair tools for Windows or Mac? Look no further. In this article, I will introduce you to the top 14 free video repair tools available online.

Causes of Corrupted or Damaged Videos

Corrupted videos can result from incomplete downloads, power failures, unsupported file formats, malware, hardware issues, improper system shutdowns, physical damage to storage devices, software conflicts, codec problems, and user error. It’s important to identify the cause of the corruption to select the right repair tool.

Top Free Video Repair Software Picks

  • Open VLC Media Player and go to “Media” > “Convert/Save” to repair corrupted videos
  • Use Digital Video Repair to fix corrupted videos by selecting the file, scanning for issues, and repairing them
  • Use FFmpeg to repair video files by downloading and installing the program, then using the command prompt to enter the repair command
  • Use Stellar Phoenix Video Repair to restore corrupt videos by selecting the file, starting the repair process, and saving the restored file

One-Click Online Solutions for Video Restoration

One-click online solutions for video restoration are a game-changer for repairing damaged video files. Look for free video repair tools that can handle multiple formats and types of corruption. Consider ease of use and repair speed for a seamless experience. These tools can be a lifesaver for salvaging important videos.

Repair Videos from Multiple Sources

When looking for a video repair tool for Windows/Mac, consider one that can handle a variety of file formats and devices. Back up your original files before starting the repair process. Look for a tool that can fix common issues and check user reviews for recommendations. Follow the software’s instructions to repair your videos and test the repaired video before use.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Video Repair

Advanced video repair tools have advanced algorithms, support for various video formats, the ability to repair multiple videos at once, preview options, and customization options for specific repair needs. These features enhance the video repair process and ensure high-quality results.

Preview and Batch Repair Capabilities

Tool Name Preview Capabilities Batch Repair Capabilities
Stellar Phoenix Video Repair Yes Yes
DivFix++ No No
MP4Fix No Yes
VideoProc Yes Yes
Wondershare Repairit Yes No
Yodot MOV Repair Yes No
Remo Repair MOV Yes No
VirtualDub No No
Fix.Video No No
Restore.Media Yes Yes
Repair Video Master Yes Yes
Video Repair Tool Yes Yes
Filmora Video Repair Yes No
Restore.Video Yes Yes

Support and Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Seek support and feedback from online communities and forums dedicated to video repair tools, such as Reddit. Leave feedback for the tools you have tried and reach out to customer support for help or suggestions. This can help improve the video repair process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair corrupted video files?

Yes, you can repair corrupted video files using video file recovery software such as Ontrack EasyRecovery. This software is easy to use and designed for all user profiles, making it a powerful tool for recovering corrupted files.

Is Minitool video repair free?

Minitool video repair is a free tool that allows you to repair MP4, MOV, M4V, and F4V videos, with plans to support more formats in the future.

Is EaseUS video repair free?

Yes, EaseUS video repair is free.

How can I repair a damaged video for free?

To repair a damaged video for free, you can upload the corrupted MP4 video, click “Start Repairing,” and wait for the repair to complete. Then, download the repaired MP4 file and ensure your internet connection is stable.