Best Free CPU Temperature Monitoring App 2024


  • Core Temp, HWMonitor, SpeedFan, Open Hardware Monitor, and Real Temp are some of the best free CPU temperature monitoring apps for 2024.
  • When choosing a CPU temperature monitoring app, consider compatibility, accuracy, real-time monitoring, customizable alerts, user reviews, and ratings.
  • SolarWinds CPU Load Monitor, PRTG CPU Monitoring with PRTG, and HWMonitor are some recommended options.
  • NZXT CAM, Open Hardware Monitor, Core Temp, and HWiNFO are also worth considering for CPU temperature monitoring.

Looking for the best free CPU temperature monitoring app for 2024? Look no further.

Top CPU Temperature Monitoring Tools

  • Core Temp: A lightweight and easy-to-use tool for monitoring CPU temperature and other vital information.
  • HWMonitor: Provides real-time data on CPU temperature, fan speed, and voltage, as well as other hardware components.
  • SpeedFan: Allows users to monitor CPU temperature, fan speed, and voltages, and can also control fan speeds to optimize cooling.
  • Open Hardware Monitor: A free, open-source tool that monitors CPU temperature, fan speeds, voltages, and more.
  • Real Temp: Specifically designed for monitoring Intel CPU temperature, this tool provides accurate and detailed temperature readings.

Selection Criteria for Monitoring Software

A screenshot of different monitoring software options.

When choosing a CPU temperature monitoring app, consider compatibility, accuracy, real-time monitoring, customizable alerts, user reviews, and ratings. Also, ensure the app is user-friendly, doesn’t consume too many resources, and is from a reputable developer. Look for detailed information about CPU temperature, usage, and fan speed.

Comparative Analysis of Key Features

Features App A App B App C
Real-time temperature monitoring Yes Yes No
Customizable temperature alerts Yes No Yes
Support for multiple CPUs Yes Yes No
Graphical display of temperature data Yes No Yes
Integration with system tray Yes No Yes

Detailed Review: SolarWinds CPU Load Monitor

The SolarWinds CPU Load Monitor allows you to easily track your CPU temperature and usage, helping you to identify any potential issues before they become a problem. The real-time data and alerts ensure that you stay on top of your CPU’s performance, giving you peace of mind.

The tool is compatible with a wide range of CPUs, including popular models like Ryzen and Intel. This makes it a versatile option for many users. Additionally, the user interface is intuitive and easy to understand, even for those who may not be as tech-savvy.

In-Depth Look: Paessler CPU Monitoring with PRTG

PRTG CPU Monitoring is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor CPU temperature and performance in real-time. It provides detailed insights and customizable alerts to prevent overheating and system crashes, and integrates seamlessly with other monitoring tools for a comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure.

Comprehensive Guide to HWMonitor

HWMonitor is a free app for monitoring CPU temperature and other system information. It has a user-friendly interface and can also track GPU temperature and other components. It’s great for gamers, content creators, and anyone who wants to keep their system running smoothly.

Insights on NZXT CAM Usage

Insights on NZXT CAM usage can provide valuable information for monitoring CPU temperature. The app offers real-time data and customizable alerts, making it a useful tool for keeping an eye on your system’s performance. Users can easily track their CPU temperature and other vital stats through the user-friendly interface of NZXT CAM. Additionally, the app allows for seamless integration with other NZXT products, adding to its appeal for PC enthusiasts.

Utilizing NZXT CAM can provide valuable insights into your CPU’s performance and help ensure that it stays within safe temperature ranges. Whether you’re a casual user or a dedicated gamer, this app can be a valuable addition to your system monitoring toolkit.

Exploring Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is a free CPU temperature monitoring app for 2024 that provides real-time data on your CPU temperature, fan speeds, and voltages. It has a user-friendly interface and allows for customization to display specific data. It can also monitor other hardware components such as GPU and hard drives.

Assessing Core Temp for Your Needs

When choosing a CPU temperature monitoring app, look for one that provides accurate, real-time readings and customizable alerts for temperature thresholds. Make sure the app is compatible with your specific CPU model and offers an intuitive user interface with detailed graphs and charts. Check user reviews to ensure the app is reliable and won’t cause performance issues. Consider any additional features you may need, such as monitoring GPU temperature or fan speeds. Choose an app that meets all of your monitoring needs.

Evaluating HWiNFO for Advanced Users

HWiNFO offers customizable sensor monitoring and reporting, allowing advanced users to dive deep into their system performance and temperature data. With support for a wide range of hardware components and sensors, it provides a holistic view of your system’s thermal performance.

For advanced users looking for detailed insights into their CPU temperature and overall system performance, HWiNFO is a reliable and powerful tool. Its extensive features and customizable monitoring make it a top choice for those seeking in-depth hardware monitoring and analysis.

Atera: A Versatile Monitoring Solution

Atera is a versatile monitoring solution that offers comprehensive CPU temperature monitoring. It provides real-time data and customizable alerts to help you keep an eye on your system’s temperature. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate through the app to view detailed CPU temperature metrics. Atera’s flexibility allows you to monitor multiple devices at once, making it a great option for individuals or businesses with multiple systems to keep track of. Its robust features and easy-to-use interface make it one of the best free CPU temperature monitoring apps available in 2024.

SpeedFan: Customizable and User-Friendly

SpeedFan is a user-friendly CPU temperature monitoring app that allows for customization of fan speeds based on temperature thresholds. It is compatible with a wide range of hardware and offers the flexibility to monitor other system components, making it a great option for both beginners and experienced users.

AIDA64 Extreme: For the Enthusiasts

AIDA64 Extreme is the perfect choice for enthusiasts looking for a comprehensive CPU temperature monitoring app. With its advanced features, it provides accurate real-time temperature readings and detailed information about your CPU’s performance.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and customize, allowing you to monitor your CPU temperature with ease.

In addition to temperature monitoring, AIDA64 Extreme also offers other useful features such as system stability testing, hardware diagnostics, and sensor monitoring.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, AIDA64 Extreme is a powerful tool that will meet all your CPU temperature monitoring needs.

Rainmeter for Aesthetic Temperature Display

Rainmeter is a popular software for displaying CPU temperature in an aesthetically pleasing way. After installing Rainmeter, you can browse through various skins and widgets to find one that suits your preferences and customize it to display temperature data. However, it may not offer as detailed monitoring and analysis as dedicated CPU temperature monitoring apps.


What is the best CPU temp monitor?
The best CPU temp monitor is a matter of personal preference, but some popular options include PassMark PerformanceTEST, AIDA64 Extreme, CrystalMark, Sidebar Diagnostics, Speccy, EnhanceMySe7en, Real Temp, and Moo0 System Monitor.

How do I monitor my CPU temperature?
To monitor your CPU temperature, you can download and install RivaTuner/MSI Afterburner. Once installed, you can access the Monitoring tab in the Settings icon and scroll to CPU temperature in the list.

Is there an app to check CPU temp?
Yes, there is an app called Core Temp that allows you to check the temperature of each core of every processor in the system in real-time. It is available for Android and Windows phones.