Reason Beat Making Software – Create Beats with Reason 12 for Beginners


  • Reason 12 beat making software is great for beginners to create beats
  • Explore the King Kong module for drum machine capabilities
  • Customize your beats with MIDI manipulation and effects like reverb and delay
  • Reason 12 offers new features like Player MIDI FX and Virtual Studio Rack for enhanced beat making

Looking to create beats as a beginner? Learn how to make beats with Reason 12 beat making software.

The Direct Approach to Beatmaking

Music production interface with beat pads

When using Reason Beat Making Software to create beats, start by selecting the tempo and time signature for your track. This will establish the foundation for your beat and help guide the rhythm of your composition. Next, choose the type of instruments you want to use in your beat, whether it’s synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, or a combination of these. Experiment with different sounds and textures to create a unique beat that reflects your style and vision.

Once you have your instruments selected, start laying down your drum pattern. This is the backbone of your beat and will set the groove for the rest of the track. Use the built-in tools in Reason 12 to program your drum sequence, including snare drums, hi-hats, and kicks. After you have your drum pattern established, move on to adding melodies, chords, and other elements to enhance your beat. This is where you can get creative and experiment with different sounds and arrangements.

Don’t be afraid to use automation to add movement and dynamics to your beat. This can help bring your track to life and create a more dynamic listening experience. Finally, take the time to mix and master your beat to ensure it sounds polished and professional. Use the mixing console in Reason 12 to adjust levels, add effects, and fine-tune your sound.

Exploring the King Kong Module

King Kong climbing a skyscraper

Exploring the King Kong Module
Article Title Reason Beat Making Software – Create Beats with Reason 12 for Beginners
Module Name King Kong
Module Type Drum Machine
  • 16 drum pads for triggering samples
  • Individual control over pitch, volume, and pan for each pad
  • Sequencer for creating drum patterns
  • Multiple outputs for processing and mixing drums separately
  • Built-in effects like reverb, delay, and distortion

Sound Customization Techniques

Another useful technique is manipulating MIDI data to customize your beats. Use the MIDI editor in Reason to adjust note lengths, velocities, and timing to add variation and interest to your beats. Additionally, you can incorporate automation to add movement and dynamics to your sounds.

To further customize your beats, consider applying effects such as reverb, delay, and distortion. Experiment with different effects chains to achieve the desired sound for your beats. Additionally, you can explore sampling to add unique textures and layers to your beats.

Discover What’s New in Version 12

Discover What’s New in Reason 12 for Beginners

Reason 12 by Reason Studios introduces exciting features for beat making enthusiasts. One of the standout additions is the improved Virtual Studio Technology integration, allowing for seamless use of third-party plugins within Reason’s digital audio workstation environment.

Additionally, Reason 12 offers enhanced sound design capabilities with new built-in instruments and effects. Beginners can now experiment with a wider range of sounds, from classic analog synthesizers to modern digital textures, all within Reason’s intuitive graphical user interface.

For those interested in hip hop production, Reason 12 includes a variety of new drum machine and sampler devices perfect for crafting beats. The improved mixing console features make it easier to achieve professional-sounding mixes, while the updated music sequencer streamlines workflow for efficient music creation.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced beat maker, Reason 12 provides a comprehensive toolbox for creating music across genres. Explore the new features and enhancements in this latest version to take your beat-making experience to the next level.

Enhancing Tracks with Player MIDI FX

One of the key features in Reason 12 is the ability to enhance your tracks using Player MIDI FX. These tools allow you to add complexity and depth to your beats with ease.

By incorporating Player MIDI FX into your workflow, you can easily create intricate melodies, chords, and arpeggios that would be difficult to achieve manually.

To start enhancing your tracks with Player MIDI FX in Reason 12, simply drag and drop the desired Player device onto the track you want to enhance.

Once you have added the Player MIDI FX device, you can customize the settings to achieve the desired sound. Experiment with different presets and parameters to find the perfect sound for your beat.

Incorporating Player MIDI FX into your beat making process can take your tracks to the next level, allowing you to create professional-sounding beats with ease.

Take advantage of the powerful tools available in Reason 12 and start enhancing your tracks with Player MIDI FX today.

Navigating the Virtual Studio Rack

Begin by adding devices to the Virtual Studio Rack by clicking on the “+” icon and selecting the desired instrument or effect. This will allow you to customize your beat making setup with synthesizers, samplers, and more.

Connect devices in the Virtual Studio Rack by dragging virtual cables from one device to another. This will establish signal flow and enable you to manipulate sounds within your beat.

Experiment with different devices and settings in the Virtual Studio Rack to create unique beats. Adjust parameters such as filters, envelopes, and effects to tailor your sound to your liking.

As you become more familiar with the Virtual Studio Rack in Reason 12, you can explore advanced features such as automation, modulation, and routing options. These tools will further enhance your beat making capabilities and allow you to craft professional-quality tracks.

By mastering the Virtual Studio Rack in Reason 12, beginners can unlock the full potential of the beat making software and unleash their creativity in producing hip hop, electronic, or any other genre of music.

Overview of Standalone Features and System Requirements

Standalone Features: Reason 12 offers a wide range of standalone features that make it a versatile and user-friendly beat making software. From virtual studio technology to digital audio workstation capabilities, Reason Studios has designed the software to cater to beginners looking to create beats effortlessly.

System Requirements: To run Reason 12 smoothly on your computer, ensure that you meet the necessary system requirements. The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Additionally, having a stable internet connection is crucial for updates and accessing additional features.

Interface: The graphical user interface of Reason 12 is intuitive and easy to navigate, perfect for beginners who are just starting their beat making journey. With features like sound design tools, music sequencers, and synthesizers, you can create high-quality beats without any prior experience.

Sampling and Synthesizing: Reason 12 offers a variety of sampling and synthesizing options, allowing you to experiment with different sounds and create unique beats. Whether you’re into hip hop production or electronic music, the software provides all the tools you need to bring your musical ideas to life.


Can you make beats in Reason?

Yes, you can make beats in Reason by bringing samples directly into audio tracks for quick and easy manipulation of drum sounds.

Is Reason good music software?

Reason is considered to be good music software by many musicians and producers due to its comprehensive features and functionality.

Is there a free version of Reason?

There is a Trial version of Reason+ available for free which includes the latest Reason version and all its content.

How much does reason Studios cost?

Reason Studios costs $19.99 per month for a monthly subscription or $199 per year for an annual subscription.